Soft, dreamy merolt

Tinja's preservative-free organic merlot has soft, juicy black fruit and supple tannins.


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Product name: 2010 Tinja Preservative-Free Organic Merlot, Mudgee, NSW

Reviewer: Max Allen

Manufacturer: Lowe wines

Price: $20

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After the success of their wonderfully full-flavoured, slurpy 2009 preservative-free merlot, the winemakers at Lowe in Mudgee, central NSW, decided to repeat the exercise in 2010.

This wine is, if anything, even better than its predecessor: it has plenty of merlot’s tradmark soft, juicy black fruit and supple tannin, but it’s not too full-bodied – exactly the kind of easy-going red that goes well with a range of different foods.

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