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Delightful cherry-scented, medium-bodied, savoury-tasting shiraz.

Trend setter

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Product name: 2009 Temple Bruer Preservative-Free Organic Shiraz, Langhorne Creek, SA

Reviewer: Max Allen

Manufacturer: Angove

Price: $18.50

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Temple Bruer were growing grapes organically and making wines without the preservative, sulphur dioxide, years before either activity was trendy.

Now organic viticulture is hip in Australia’s vineyards - there’s even a push towards ‘natural’ or sulphur-free wines among groovy young winemakers.

The Temple Bruer winemaking crew must look at these newcomers and smile, and then get back to work producing good reds like this cherry-scented, medium-bodied, savoury-tasting shiraz.

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