Full bodied & bold

Take a bottle of Battle of Bosworth preservative-free organic shiraz to your next BBQ.


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Product name: 2010 Battle of Bosworth Preservative-Free Organic Shiraz, McLaren Vale, SA

Reviewer: Max Allen

Manufacturer: Battle of Bosworth

Price: $20

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A couple of years ago, organic winegrower Joch Bosworth was, like many of his colleagues, sceptical about not adding sulphur to his wines; like other grape-treaders he believed Sulphur dioxide (SO2) was an essential addition to prevent the wine going off.

Then he tasted a delicious preservative-free red and decided to try it out for himself.

The result is this full-bodied, bold, black-fruity shiraz with spicy, dried-herbal complexity and tongue-hugging tannin.

Take a bottle to your next barbecue.

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