Camping around Australia

Australia’s most comprehensive camping guide.


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Product name: Camping around Australia

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Publisher: Noble Words with Explore Australia

Price: $39.95

Size: 472 pages

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Going camping? Don’t leave home without consulting Australia’s most comprehensive camping guide.

Cleverly designed into colour-coded sections and pictorial symbols for fast cross-referencing, this guide covers over 2500 individually-listed campsites (numbered for easy cross referencing between text and maps).

Other features include:
- A 62 page comprehensive Australia-wide Road Atlas as well as 54 detailed maps
- Gorgeous colour photographs
- Symbols displaying facilities and activities available at each camping spot
- Detailed driving directions for each site
- Practical tips on how to prepare for a camping trip
- Comprehensive index of place names and campsites.

Easy-to-interpret, up-to-date information on facilities, activities and directions mean you’ll always be prepared.

We'd say this investment is just as essential as a waterproof tent for happy campers.

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