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Know your grape from soil to seed with the crisp 2010 Paxton Pinot Gris.


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Product name: Paxton Pinot Gris

Manufacturer: Paxton wines

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Having farmed with biodynamic practices for the last six years, earlier this year Paxton Wines in McLaren Vale achieved full biodynamic certification, with their 2011 vintage onwards bearing the NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) label.

General Manager David Paxton said, “We adopted biodynamics because we believe biodynamic farming techniques contribute to healthy soils which gives rise to better vine health, fruit quality and flavour. It Is a philosophy that requires attention at a great many levels, but it’s a philosophy we totally believe in and are wholeheartedly committed to.”

The company also put their profits where their heart is and were the first winery to join 1% For The Planet, donating one per cent of their profits to environmental causes each year.

Know your grape from soil to seed with the crisp Paxton Pinot Gris, 2010 vintage.

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