Greeniology 2020

Join the positive new wave in the eco-movement.

Greeniology 2020

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Product name: Greeniology 2020

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Author: By Tanya Ha

Publisher: Melbourne University Press

Price: $36.99

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2010–20 has been called the 'Transition Decade'; when growing movements of people awaken to the urgent need for more action and less talk.

Join the positive new wave in the environmental movement of ordinary people who have recognised a responsibility to look after the planet, but still want to enjoy the best and most comfortable lifestyle for generations to come.

Greeniology 2020 shows practical ways to make your life greener, and evidence-based reasons to help you understand why those changes matter.

Tips include how to save energy and water to building better houses and buying cosmetics.

See a sneak peak of the book here.

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