To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?

An informed fashionista is an ethical fashionista and how the cost of fashion goes beyond the price tag.


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Product name: To Die For: is Fashion Wearing Out the World?

Reviewer: Suzanne Chellingworth

Author: By Lucy Siegle

Publisher: Fourth Estate

Price: $32.99

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Siegle has spent the last five years researching and campaigning for an alternative, sustainable fashion industry.

Bringing sustainable fashion into the spotlight, she believes that it is indeed possible to be an ‘ethical fashionista’, simply by being aware of how and where (and by whom) clothing is manufactured.

Essentially an expose on the fashion industry, this book uncovers the harrowing tales of social injustice, animal welfare and environmental destruction.

From child labour, to suicide rates among Indian farmers, to water pollution from denim dyes and the terrible plight of silk worms, there are issues that all point to the fact that the price for fashion is higher than one might think.

While this impassioned book takes particular issue with our current mania for big-name labels and cheap fashion, it paints a positive picture for a new ethical sustainable design era and places importance on being an informed shopper.

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