Power-saving powerboard

Cut down your power bills with this energy saving powerboard.

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Product name: Todae energy-saving powerboard

Reviewer: Suzanne Chellingworth

Manufacturer: Todae

Price: $69.95

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A true green household wouldn’t be complete without an energy-saving powerboard to automatically shut down power to appliances and eliminate standby energy usage.

Available in a variety of sizes, like this 4 plug board, this eco-gadget is perfect for the multitude of plugs on your home entertainment system, and having it's very own remote control means never having to shift furniture to get to those out-of-reach cords.

If that weren't handy enough, each device using the powerboard can be controlled individually using the remote, so you can keep your TV on and the Xbox off.

As an added bonus, most models also have an inbuilt surge protector, prolonging the life of your electrical goods.

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