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Product name: Biodegradable cutlery, compost bags, drinking cups, catering and packaging solutions etc

Manufacturer: Environmental Enterprises

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Planning an event? Send a positive environmental message by opting for sustainable packaging. For a range of fully biodegradable and compostable products, compost bags, drinking cups and cornstarch cutlery, check out Environmental Enterprises.

Here’s a rundown of the materials their products are made from:
❖ Sugarcane products: Made from bagasse, a by-product of the sugar industry, these will biodegrade within 30 – 90 days.
❖ PLA containers: “Polylactide” is derived from starchy plants, and when processed it forms a resin that can be used in conventional plastic machines.
❖ Bio grade cutlery: A cellulose-based polymer made from sustainable wood that is suitable for hot or cold food.
❖ Compostable bags: Made in Australia from cornstarch-based polymers, these organic waste or garbage bags have a shelf life of up to five years.

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