Everything Under the Sun

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Everything Under the Sun

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Product name: Everything Under the Sun

Author: David Suzuki & Ian Hanington

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Price: $29.99

Buy Online: Allen & Unwin

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Inside the simple cover of this book you’ll be rewarded with a look into the environmental challenges we face.

Lessons are drawn from Japan’s nuclear meltdown, and climate sceptics aren’t spared in the debate on why the way humans have been treating the planet needs to change. The book is ultimately uplifting and inspiring, including people who are taking positive action, and details of a sun that provides all we’ll ever need.

Through exploring the myriad environmental challenges the world faces and their interconnected causes, Suzuki shows that understanding the causes - and recognizing that everything in nature, including us, is interconnected - is crucial to restoring hope for a better future.

The solutions are there, he argues; we just need the will to act together to bring about change.

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