Into the Woods

The battle for Tasmania’s forests.

Into the Woods

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Product name: Into the Woods

Author: Anna Krien

Publisher: Black Inc

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The Tasmanian wilderness is the site of many fierce struggles to save old-growth forests.

Krien, Australia’s own young version of Hunter S. Thompson, ventures behind the battlelines to talk with protesters, premiers, sawmillers and whistleblowers, armed with her notebook, sleeping bag and a rusty sedan.

This novel thrillingly records the political games, business methods and motives and the clashes between police and the loggers in the forests of Tasmania, and shows the reader that the big bosses can be beaten with resistance.

This book is even more interesting to read now that Gunns has gone into receivership, 24 months after the publication of this book which reveals so many of the flaws of the forestry industry in Tasmania. In many ways, it documents in fine detail the reasons for Gunns' demise.

A deservedly award-winning first novel for Krien.

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