Permaculture: A designers’ manual

The grower's bible.

Permaculture: A designers’ manual

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Product name: Permaculture: A designers’ manual

Author: Bill Mollison

Publisher: Tagari Publications

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This is the bible of one of Australia’s greatest exports – permaculture.

An all-you-need-to-know guide for urban and rural landscapes, it describes property design and natural farming techniques.

Ex-CSIRO biologist, teacher and shark fisherman, Bill Mollison is considered the grandfather of permaculture. His book is written for teachers, students and designers, and is the textbook and curriculum for Permaculture Design Certificate courses.

First published in 1988, you needn’t worry about having trouble laying your hands on it as this popular manual is still in print today.

Inside the book:
-Designers' Manual
-Design methods
-Understanding patterns
-The Humid Tropics
-Dryland Strategies
-Humid Cool to Cold Climates
-Trees and their energy
-Concepts and Themes in Design
-Soils and Water
-Earthworking and Earth Resources

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