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Stay energised, happy & healthy with a stash of organic raw trail mixes.


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Product name: Organic Raw Trail Mixes

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Stay energised, happy and healthy with a cheeky stash of Honest to Goodness' organic raw trail mix on hand. There are three deliciously different raw mixes to choose from:

- 'Super Good' Organic Trail Mix includes styrian black pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, goji berries and raw cacao nibs. A nutritious blend of the best, tastiest superfoods, eat to feel energised, healthy & happy. $8.00 (200g), $107.50 (5 kg)

- 'Be Good' Organic Trail Mix includes cashew pieces, raisins, sultanas, almonds, pepitas and dried apple wedges. It's the ultimate snack, especially available in 'snack-pack' sizes that are great for school lunches. $3.80 (100 g), $6.75 (200 g), $12.15 (450 g)

- 'ABC Organic Raw Nut' Mix includes almonds, brazil nuts and cashews. It's a complete protein that's great for vegetarians. $7.95 (200 g), $16.10 (500 g), $26.25 (1 kg)

All these delicious mixes are made with certified organic ingredients and absolutely no GMOs.

*Oops! In the current Feb/March issue of Green Lifestyle magazine, we listed the Super Good with the Be Good ingredients.

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