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Product name: Rosehip Plus's Organic Rosehip Oil

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Price: $19.95 (30 ml), $29.95 (50 ml)

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Rosehip Plus’s Organic Rosehip Oil fights the affects of free radicals and pollution on your skin.

The finest rosehip seeds from the Andes Mountains in Chile are cold pressed and extracted without using heat to give you one of the purest rosehip oils on the market.

Containing bioflavonoids and lycopene, which help reduce the effects of sun damage and stretch marks and scars, this product is 100 per cent certified organic.

We love that it's Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the most prestigious organic and biodynamic certification in Australia.

If you use a small amount of this organic rosehip oil at night under your moisturiser from autumn through to the end of winter, you'll notice that your skin can cope better against the harsh elements that the cooler months throw at it.

Remember that it's important to be careful using rosehip and other oils during the day - especially this one as it's so potent - because your skin might burn more easily in the sun.

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