Home hygiene

Simplify confusion in the home with these labelled microfibre cloths.

Home hygiene

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Product name: Simply Clean cleaning supplies

Manufacturer: Simply Clean

Price: $6.99 a pack

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The science-savvy crew at Mythbusters found that the kitchen sponge is the number one source of harmful bacteria in the home compared to eight common items – including the toilet seat!

Mother of three, Victoria Fulford, created the reusable Simply Clean cloths because, “I was at home with three kids and watched the floor sponge being used to wipe our baby’s feeding tray, and I won’t tell you where I found the kitchen sponge! I knew which sponge was being used for what but no one else did”.

Clarify any confusion in your home with this range of colour-coded and labelled kitchen, bathroom and mircofibre cloths.

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