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Probiotic Solutions’ new cleaning products prove that not all bacteria are bad.


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Product name: Probiotic Solutions

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Price: $7

Size: 500 ml

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Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, many types are essential to our health. And while traditional house cleaning products target 99.9 per cent of all bacteria, including the beneficial microorganisms, some are actually made with naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria that help keep the home clean and healthy.

Probiotic Solutions use these beneficial bacteria to your advantage in the home. Their products contain tiny powerhouses of enerygy - microorganisms that eat up organic matter, leaving your home cleaner than ever!

We love the Organic All Purpose Spray, which is made with non-GMOs (genetically modified organisms) including bran, sea salt, fruit juice and essential oils.

* Please note that we did review the previous version of this product, the All Purpose Lemon Myrtle Spray cleaner, in the Home Hints section of the current June/July issue of Green Lifestyle magazine, however the product packaging and formula has since changed. The formula is now even more aromatic as it has a few more essential oils.

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