Coffee Encounters

What could be more fitting than a coffee table book about coffee?


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Product name: Coffee Encounters

Reviewer: Joel Burgess

Publisher: Smudge Publishing

Price: $69.99

Size: A few coffee beans over A4

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Let's go back, right back to the very roots of coffee making traditions. Coffee Encounters will take you there with a series of compelling accounts of the lives of coffee farmers who cultivate the flavours in your mug. This book couldn't be more successful in getting to the origins of 'single origins'...

It starts by delving into the engaging history of La Marzocco, a historic forerunner in coffee machine production responsible for models with multiple heads that allow baristas to pump out your favorite blends at high speed. The book then focuses on the farms in some of the oldest and most influential coffee growing regions, whose rich history is sprinkled with touching stories about some of the harsh contemporary aspects of the industry. It celebrates the numerous organisations that are striving to ensure these artistic farmers are fairly rewarded for their difficult work.

Coffee Encounters, however, is fundamentally about that delicious creamy substance and, being quite a weighty tome, it's not short on tips about the best places to pick up a decent brew in each of the coffee-loving cities around the world.

It also has a ton of beautiful images, which make this gorgeous guide the perfect coffee table book; satisfying the mind while you drink your wake-up call.

Editors: Jonette George & Tyson Hunter. Writers: Tyson Hunter, Daniele Wilton, Tristan Minter, Mattie Bammon & Mark Stephens.
$5 from every book sold will go to the 'picking up the pieces' foundation set up by Smudge Publishing which raises money for the most impoverished Guatemalan coffee pickers in an attempt to provide them with the essentials of running water, electricity, sewerage pipes and gas.

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