Water from a stone

A novel way to keep your plants alive while you're away for a few days.

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Going away for holidays this silly season? Or looking for a gift for someone who is?

Keeping plants happy and healthy with a good dose of water in hot weather can be tough – especially if you're not going to be home. Rather than leaving the task to neighbours or colleagues, here's a simple, nifty gadget to help out.

Water From A Stone is an attractive hand-blown glass container that you fill with water and sit on top of the potting mix or soil. Tiny holes in the bottom allow water to gradually seep through over three or four days.

Casey Schneider, a 27-year-old industrial designer dreamt up the stone as part of a student assignment, saying he imagined “something that incorporated plants, was beautiful and that did not distract from the plants”.

We agree, it's certainly a more elegant addition to your garden or indoor plants than upturned old empty soft drink bottles.

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