ACME Climate Action

"What did YOU do about climate change Daddy?"

Acme Climate Action

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Product name: ACME Climate Action

Reviewer: Lucy Marks

Author: Provokateur

Publisher: 4th Estate

Price: $34

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The ACME of my childhood, filled with bazookas, torpedo launchers and Wile E. Coyote is nowhere to be found in this kit of posters, stickers, postcards, games and more.

Produced by Provokateur (the company responsible for some of the creative marketing strategies of both Greenpeace and Oxfam), it's packed with classy retro cartoons and cultural references ("What did YOU do about climate change Daddy?").

It begins with an 8-point manifesto on how to tackle global warming, in a style reminiscent of ads from the '40s and '50s.

Starting with the instruction "Wake up!", its pages are full of kitsch encouragement for global warming coach potatoes: "Let's leap out of bed into a world of decisive action... Throw ourselves into the bracing shower of honesty...".

It is apparent from the beginning that this book is not a serious discussion on the science of global warming, making it all the more appealing for the amateur planeteer.

With enough facts to frighten, enough humour to entertain and enough style to entice, ACME Climate Action is one of a kind.

Printed on a blend of FSC- and PEFC-certified and recycled papers using vegetable inks.

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