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Buy Nothing New Month

Buy Nothing New Month 2012

The month of October

Buy Nothing New Month is a community driven event held each year to combat modern consumerism movements. It is a month long event that challenges society's way of thinking that we 'need' lots of material possessions to be happy, as well as raising awareness of the waste this lifestyle creates.

To take part, you simply pledge to buy nothing new for the month of October.

This event is good for your wallet, and good for your conscience as you acknowledge the impact your actions have on the planet and work to lessen them. Being a part of Buy Nothing New Month can also be fun; organise a clothes-swapping day with your friends or explore your local vintage stores and op shops for recycled goods.

This month is not about going without essentials. It is about thinking deeply about what we truly need in life and reducing the impact on finite resources.

Where: Australia, Netherlands and the US
When: The month of October, 2012
Cost: Free
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Earth now in overdraft

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yesterday, 27 September, was Earth Overshoot Day 2011; the day the Earth reached a level of resource demand that exceeds what nature can sustainably support for this year.

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