Ask G: No formaldehyde

Can I renovate my kitchen to be formaldehyde-free?

Which TV is best?

In the market for a new televison? Which one is best for the environment?

Ask G: Recycling solar

Tanya Ha tackles your eco-questions & finds out if solar can be recycled.

Ask us: Certified wood

Tanya Ha talks about FSC certified, Australian-grown timbers.


Lauren Singer

I haven't made any trash in 2 years

One blogger's commitment to zero waste sustainable living.

Yes, aerosol’s can be recycled!

Venting frustration at the fact Aussies only recycle 40% of aerosol cans.

Tips for your haven

Over the next month, we'll give the best advice in home, garden, & style!


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    Six ways to use Louvres in your home.

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    High quality and completely gorgeous organic cotton products.

    Greening and weatherproofing your garage

    How to make this space more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

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    dog and cat

    How to make your pet eco-friendly

    Pets are great for your wellbeing, but what about the planet?
    bowl cover 4

    How to make reusable bowl covers

    Washable food covers that will keep food fresh time and time again.
    Rainwater tank

    Getting Tanked

    Rainwater is an untapped resource, so beat the drought with this raintank

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    Ask G

    Water splash

    Ask G: Evaporative air conditioners

    The energy savings are substantial with evaporative air conditioners.

    Ask G: Low formaldehyde kitchen

    Can I renovate my kitchen to be formaldehyde-free?
    Air conditioner

    Ask G: Inverter technology in air conditioners

    Fancy advertising lingo or something more?