Six ways to add style and save power - use louvres in your home.

Integrating louvred windows or walls into a home is a decisions you won't regret.

Kitchens – Blow those cooking smells right out of your kitchen with Breezway® Louvre Windows

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Sometimes it's a really good idea to think outside the box.

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Integrating louvred windows or walls into a home is one of those decisions you won't regret. They're stylish, practical, and depending on the style and company you choose, the benefits and prices of installing louvres can be the same as regular windows, walls, or doors – so why not take advantage?

Here are six great places to use louvres in your home.

1. Internal Walls - Add a Sense of Space
Help to add a sense of space with the ability to open-out walls for added light, ventilation, and connection. This works really well if you also have louvres in other parts of the house, or for multi-storey homes – for example at the top of a staircase. For hard-to-reach places, you could use an automated system like these 'Powerlouvre' windows from Breezway that has a wall-mounted control unit next to your light switches, or you can operate remotely via your smartphone.

2. Exposed Windows? Get Natural Insulation!
Up to 87% of a room's heat can be gained, and up to 40% lost, through windows. But of course sometimes, we still want the benefit of natural sunlight, which can also warm a room in winter. Insulate your home effectively instantly by closing louvres at night, or on very hot days. Window shutters like these are similar to louvres in that they allow ventilation and insulation, yet offer security and noise control – although they aren't as stylish and don't let as much light in as some designs that are so durable they can help protect your home in severe storms. Breezway’s Altair Louvres® withstood Category 5 Cyclone Yasi in 2011 with wind speeds up to 290 km/hour.

3. Bathroom - No Exhaust Fan Needed
Let steam out in a flash and un-fog your mirror with a simple change of angle and a rush of air that beats an energy-guzzling exhaust fan. Louvres aren't just for rooms where privacy isn't an issue – opened to just the right amount, with frosted glass they can still provide privacy.

4. Kitchen - Keep it Fresh
Odours are what brings pests to your kitchen in the first place, so clear 'em out with a bit of style! To truly clear air out of a home, remember that a cross-breeze is important, and that it can be created through clever design. The slatted design of louvres helps to catch outdoor breeze from a wider angle than a plain door or window, and encourage that breeze to move faster into or out of the home.

5. Cupboards - Storage Ventilation
Louvred cupboard doors offer just enough ventilation for clothing storage, so you can say goodbye to mouldy fabrics. You won't need the kind of heavy-duty louvres for walls or outdoor use, so here we'd recommend something a little more simple, like this cabinet, or you could even try to make your own DIY louvred door door.

6. Balcony - Instant Shade or Wind Break
Your outdoor space – be it a balcony, patio, courtyard, or deck – probably doesn't get enough use year-round. Make it a more pleasant place to be for your family, friends, your plants, or just yourself in the heat of summer with instant shade that brings in a gentle breeze. Or, in the cooler days of winter, allow the sun in without the cold air just by changing the direction of the louvre slats to avoid any wind.

Think laterally in your home and there could be spaces that you can start using to their full capacity and maximum efficiency.

For more inspiration, we’d suggest you do browse the Breezway® site. Breezway® are one of our advertisers; however we always make sure to check the credentials and claims of any companies seeking to advertise with us, and we only support and encourage companies that are genuinely moving towards environmental sustainability. For more information, check out our code of conduct.

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