Force of Nature - The David Suzuki Movie trailer

David Suzuki, iconic Canadian scientist, educator, broadcaster and activist delivers a 'last lecture' -- what he describes as "a distillation of my life and thoughts, my legacy, what I want to say before I die".

Filmed before a live audience, in front of a memory box of moving, distilled images, he articulates a core, urgent message: we have exhausted the limits of the biosphere and it is imperative that we re-think our relationship with the natural world. Suzuki looks unflinchingly at the strains on our interconnected web of life -- and out of our dire present circumstances, he offers up a blueprint for sustainability and survival.

The film interweaves the lecture with scenes from the places and events in Suzuki's life. As such, the film is a biography of ideas -- forged by the major social, scientific, cultural and political events of the past 70 years.

DIY screenings can be arranged simply by contacting a local cinema or other venue to confirm a suitable date for hire and by emailing michaelwrenn@curiousfilm.com to arrange a copy of the film and to receive promotional materials. Curious Films charge a minimal flat screening fee, plus venue will require hiring fee. More background to the film is available at: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/what-you-can-do/force-of-nature-the-david-suz...