Would you go swimming with sharks?!

It's shark week! So what better way to celebrate than swimming with sharks?!

In April of this year, Contiki travelled to Galapagos islands with some key personalities and their sustainability ambassador Céline Cousteau. In this video, Billabong Girls Junior Pro Surfer Felicity Palmateer & television personality Jesinta Campbell explored the Galapagos Islands with Contiki and Céline to learn about what makes this destination one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, and they overcame their fears by swimming with a school of over 50 sharks. www.contiki.com/galapagos

Would you swim with sharks? Have you? More often than not, shark interactions with humans are actually quite positive and liberating. The Green Lifestyle team have swum with sharks – including grey nurse to great whites (with a cage, of course!), and you can read about our experience of swimming with whale sharks here. Leave your comments below or email us at letters@greenlifestylemagazine.com.au to tell us if you think we're crazy for swimming with sharks, or about your experiences with sharks.